Friday, July 23, 2010


this is all i want to do forever about 3 hours ago via Twitpic

how. much. fun. #ohmygodiloveit #whatreallifejob? about 3 hours ago via Twitpic

oops .............switching the subject real quick just to say HOLY UNFUCKINBELIEVABLE SET OF PIPES ............. about 3 hours ago via TweetDeck CHRISTINA AGUILERA  YOU LOST ME ON YOUTUBE she is truly incredible

oh, by the way #jamesmorrisonrocks about 2 hours ago via TweetDeck

@imacolata i don't know! my bff little girl just got 2 of them for her birthday. #iwantone #NOW!

dont you SEE? this is my #ADHD fucking #dreamcometrue about 2 hours ago via Twitpic

***"why i love this book:" by veruca whatever*** #selfcrownedpsychologyexpert based on the fact #imfuckingcrazy #ihaveeverythinginthebook about 2 hours ago via txt

lets say i had picked up a pink chaotic book that caught my eye simply by the instinct #curse that inhibits me from NOT noticing & HAVING 2C about 2 hours ago via txt

and what if inside that book there was a box of colored pencils, perfectly sharpened & of every color...but the book only held BLANK. PAGES. about 2 hours ago via txt

might be fun...i'm quite certain i could easily be distracted by something else chaotic & leave this behind, pencils all over the table... about 2 hours ago via txt

i would have left behind like...maybe 3 pages of pointless, "barely-more-than-a-single-detail" type scribbles... about 2 hours ago via txt

so if you dont attract something cool enough for yourself to consider even STARTING, your pretty fucked with the 2 opposing contenders... about 2 hours ago via txt

so the ADHD does not impair my ability to conCEIVE the ideas. i'm running my fingerleft to right over the mental screen of apps on my itouch about 2 hours ago via

 waiting for one thing to reflect this blinding light into your eye, screaming "i'm so fucking exciting you will FUCKIN LOVE THIS!!" about 2 hours ago via txt

nope, *swish* nope *swish* nope *swish* as quickly as your eye just read it... about 2 hours ago via txt
and you DO eventually see that #blindinglight ...and you DID produce 3 completely random, uninteresting and stupid blahpages about 2 hours ago via txt
but none of that happens! ...cuz this is there instead: #cueangelshallelujahing about 1 hour ago via Twitpic

i dont know how to spell *hallelujah* i just googled it on the last tweet but dont remember from that one to this one if i just did it wrong about 1 hour ago via txt
so. the book. look at this shit! you dont have to try & impress or attract youSELF cuz u arent the origin. its COOLER your ideas had been... about 1 hour ago via txt

the pages with lots of multiples. like the cupcakes, is like a fucking DREAM cuz now you get the apps page on the itouch when faced with... about 1 hour ago via txt

WHAT to do with the cupcake. but there are like, a MILLion (10) here & there are big ones & small ones and omg i'll do one red & blue, red.. about 1 hour ago via txt

and then you flip pages, holyshitumbrellas, and wall paper, the endless sea of possibilities is like fucking HERoin, but #iveneverdoneheroin about 1 hour ago via txt

**you skip the pictured w just one option. draw the beach on this almost empty page...ew. big idea. too big. #ihateit #illgetboredin5seconds about 1 hour ago via txt

this is an example of the exact OPPOSITE of what i just said #icoulddothis4days about 1 hour ago via Twitpic

structure. chaotic structure. about 1 hour ago via txt

deciding. who cares. theyre fun about 1 hour ago via txt

pencils spotted. about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

they're screaming about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck
... ... ... .

once my eyes take in the scene, and my hand reaches slowly for a pencil #whocareswhatcolor, my head drops and i'm OFF about 1 hour ago

everything outside of this book & these pencils & the fucking #chemicalfreeacidtrip going on in my head, just came to a screeching halt. about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck
this begins the moment that the highest dosage of drug is released to the shark endorphins & it's a straight line slide downhill from there. about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

end of story. about 1 hour ago via txt

cut short bcuz by i cannot exist outside of at least a 5 mile radius of my bff's husband without him having drama bcuz he's FIVEfknyrsold about 1 hour ago via txt
but good place to end. i saw something shiny & chaotic our here at the ice cream section of hannaford... what do i want... 44 minutes ago via txt

the inability to stop texting this enitre time has been an example of everything i was texting. as i was texting it. 43 minutes ago via txt

WICKED into converting this from mind to something savable... i dont know why i want to save it. i want to read it again in 5 yrs. #thatsfun 42 minutes ago via txt

and even though those voices were there... "everyone's gonna hate u for throwing your shit all over their pages" or "they'll unfollow you!" 40 minutes ago via txt

*insert sarcastic scaredy face horror movie scream here* 39 minutes ago via txt

thats not why i tweet. 37 minutes ago via txt
moral of the story: throwing my interest into this story, which i became obsessed with, was also a selftaughtsupportgroup #lmao #psychexpert 36 minutes ago via txt

i SO. DeSPErATELY wanted. to sit down and decorate that entire book & forget the existence of the world around me. #itwasscreaming ...but... 34 minutes ago via

my support group pers#4 said "its a brand new bday present, personality #2, to an eight year old. you're NOT. find another thought, & ... 32 minutes ago via txt
find another light cuz you cant color in here #butohmygodlookattheanimalzoocages! 31 minutes ago via txt

therefore, the past *however long* has been the light. and now its going OUT. 30 minutes ago via txt

 oh. and i got chocolate chip. 29 minutes ago via txt

*credits* not rolling, though... i think... fade in fade out... 28 minutes ago via txt

this has been a presentation of #imustbeREALLYfuckedup 26 minutes ago via txt

by amandas 1 through 8 25 minutes ago via txt
ok, fine. chocolate chip AND vanilla bean... but the KIDS are coming! translation: #dontknowifiwantchockchipsorrainbowsprink les 16 minutes ago via txt

home now. gonna go find something shiny. ...... ... ... .... ...... .... beeeep beep beeeep beep ... ... 12 minutes ago via txt

Monday, July 5, 2010

love story

Late night 4th of July, 2010…

i just switched personalities 7 when i came to, i was sitting on the floor, halfway thru a piece of pizza, Nerds on the side... #theresmore

...watching the Upside Down Show on Nick Jr or something, which, btw, i dont encourage or ever offer to watch because... #itkindacreepsmeout

SO into a text message that i was LOCKED inside of typing all the way thru cuz i didnt want to forget- i could barely keep up the thoughts

crazy shit. i'm sitting halfway thru an episode of dudes i cant stand talking w their hands with faces on their hands#withthosegooglyeyes
about 9 hours ago  via txt

why cant the guys just talk? we can SEE them. so can you please just put your hand away & take off the googly eyes cuz it feels creepily odd

yeah... that chick with the pizza and the nerds is a crazy. she always eats junk. ;) about 9 hours ago via txt

Smarties again. it's bad. #problemswithcandy


(cut to the love story)

hot tub – overlooking bay

girl & boy – lovers

perfect everything

girl leans over, smiles into boys eyes, kisses his cheek, whispers into his ear

Girl: you make me feel like I can walk on this water.


boy turns head to girl after she whispers in his ear, catching her lips with his before the distance is too great…

he looks into her soul and time freezes before he can speak…

Boy: …you can