Monday, August 29, 2011

Silence of the Skunks

We're having a hurricane.

I have my bedroom window cracked (pretty amazing thing to listen to)& I'm laying in my bed. It's been a few hrs since we had electricity. It's a fierce, warm, storm and it takes loooooong breaths...
I'm emailing myself a list of things to do (talking amongst my personalities...among? Amongst? ...who cares)
Something outside, somewhere, starts to whistle a high C. The a few more whistles...same note every time, just inconsistent in occurrence and duration.
I stopped tapping the iPod screen to try and locate where or what it was coming from. All I could picture in my head was 'something' that have shifted outside, within the the vicinity of me and my neighbors, and was now in a position that created a sound as air passed through it or over it or whatever. And it was inconsistent bcuz the wind is inconsistent... Or ferociously inconsistent.
The only awareness I had of it after that for the next 30 seconds or so was simply the awareness of it's existence.

Then it happened.

With the next big gust that slid cleanly through the small crack in my bedroom window, came the oxygen deprived, hard, squint inducing smell...of a skunk. If I could have SEEN it, I would have wondered if I'd get out alive as the thick grossness ate away the air I had to breathe.

But THEN...

Just after the first blow (no pun intended omg that came outta nowhere good one amanda) (thanks), came the truth.


It's not a WHISTLE! It's the skunk!

Holy shit. It's SCREAMING. Oh my god it's dying. In a hurricane.

Now ALL the personalities come out:

- awww, the poor skunk, he's probably scared
- ew, gross
- aww, I hope he dies soon
- it smells
- (imagines a hurricane rescue of the screaming, dying skunk. I'm dressed like Diego)
- skunks. Scream.

Omg I'm jodi Foster.

Silence of the Skunks.

I couldn't save him.

He must have known that. So he sprayed me and he screamed and now I will be haunted forever. And the smell is so strong that he could potentially be in my bed.

But... No power.

Cant see.


Skunks screaming.

Silence of the Skunks.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

im in a band


i'm in a band

by Asimplegirl Jones on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 3:36pm
@a_simple_girl outside the box, Maine
cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

1. ANYone on the side of the road (with or without a vehicle) could be a murderer...

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2. I used to LOVE it when my library books had this type of cover. I love the memory of it as a kid by how it FEELS.
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3. this sign right here, that says "no parking anytime," referring only to ONE pkg space... bff parks in it #rebels
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4. (back2book) aw, remember? I often couldn't resist picking at the tape. I had to. The ocd signs were there at 8yrs
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5. & then your finger would either stick to the tape area or you'd get sticky GUCK thru the whole book (corner view)
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6. then by the end of the book, u, the stick area (or tape are, if u didn't pick it - even on the corners!), & have a silent but rythmic bond.
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7. And even though u may never have noticed until you were on to the next book, and one of your fingers starts moving on its own as you read...
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8. And your mind starts to move from comprehension & mental image of words/story, to eyesmovingovertextsomethingfeelsweirdbut
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9. *insert any number of different trails thru which u tread, perhaps re-reading a sentence, paragraph, PAGE bcuz u keep noticing something eh.
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10. And the lucky, ADHD ones like me, DO eventually make it there... you reailze why you can't read...something is missing - you break it down.
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11. the trigger: your hand begins to sink into the comfort of how you hold your book, you begin tapping a rythym that your mind can't hear...
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12. Then on an easy to ignore sentence in a paragraph of the book, you're bored for a milli-fraction of a second & *fade*you hear the tapping...
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13. The story disappears as you realize you've been joyfully tapping away and you shut everything off & listen to hear what the rythym is saying
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14. You listen, silently practice, perfect & begin to mentally & rythmically chant the beat with a voice only in your head...BUM ba bum-bum Bah
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15. *what book?* you continue to chant the rythym (howthefuckdoyouspellrythym), then add a low base line as ur eyes scan the last 2 lines u read

16. no fuckin idea what the lines say bcuz you left off there to discover the tapping, but you might as well keep scanning bcuz you'll be back..
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17. ...but since you ARE scanning, and you can easily make it reduntant & repetitive... buuuuuuh BAAaaam *fingers tapping* buuuuh BAAaaam *same*
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18. And then well the whole band has arrived and everyone is rehearsed and the house is rocking, you remember the last time you rocked the house
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19. Same song, always, bcuz u know it once u get going...sometimes it brings your mind back to the plot of the one you just finished b4 this one
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20. And there is something missing from THIS current funk performance that I loved about that venue that just wasn't HERE with THIS book.
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21. And then it happens.
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22. Could be a minute, could be 3 books & 5 weeks later. But when it happens, the 2 most likely outcomes among MY personalities are as follows:
48 m
23.  You walk by an area of stuff in mudroom where you drop pretty much everything when u get home, u scan, take mental inventory...
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24. Coat, backpack, dirty socks, ew I asked him to put those in the washer 2 pencils, stack of library books, oooh I love that kind of cover....
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25. Instantly the beat begins in my head as the inventory continues...I know it immediately and I jam...I'm rocking
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26. I hesitate. This is it. All of sudden, mid-rock, I'm stuck... ... ... ... Frozen-in-song. I just LOOKED at & spent a moment w that cover...
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27. Therefore, that personality is playing the song with... ... ... wait, wha?... ... ... .. ... ...beep ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... *gasp*
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28. Someone ELSE is singing too and there is NO note in the beat where the mudroom scanner has a note...and better sound & music overall...
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29. Holy shitballs the tape is the missing instrument! I love the tape. Aww? My new band has no tape. Ew and a differnt cover I hate the cover.
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30. I love the tape. sometimes I wanna pick off...stick, gunk, annoying, tap, read, rythym, beat, rock, best cove… (cont)
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31. Well I don't remember what 1. Is so I don't know what 2. Was supposed to be so I have to go...
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32.  Oh look, I'm reading...
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Monday, March 28, 2011

what's THAT? that is a pronoun.

it aaaaaaaall boiled down to who was the guy watching us? and why did he choose me to

go crazy today?

date. 12:57 march 28

my sister would love glee she loves harmony too lori loves

erased to say what would they think? people judge? is it because of the continents and the game pieces well they do fight and - little and big?


fuck i interrupted.

who deCIDED that fuck was a bad word?

where did it come from



does it have to look like the person?


2011 what's that mean?

down to the down to the down to the down to the down to tha
that's a blog

what's an internet

send it thru space?

minds get smarter?

wood makes fire.

burn it and make room for more which is trees which is soul which is

soil but if i HAD meant soul

whats a soul. we cant see it so its an idea



people? howd the get there?

down and down and down what's down...