Monday, August 29, 2011

Silence of the Skunks

We're having a hurricane.

I have my bedroom window cracked (pretty amazing thing to listen to)& I'm laying in my bed. It's been a few hrs since we had electricity. It's a fierce, warm, storm and it takes loooooong breaths...
I'm emailing myself a list of things to do (talking amongst my personalities...among? Amongst? ...who cares)
Something outside, somewhere, starts to whistle a high C. The a few more whistles...same note every time, just inconsistent in occurrence and duration.
I stopped tapping the iPod screen to try and locate where or what it was coming from. All I could picture in my head was 'something' that have shifted outside, within the the vicinity of me and my neighbors, and was now in a position that created a sound as air passed through it or over it or whatever. And it was inconsistent bcuz the wind is inconsistent... Or ferociously inconsistent.
The only awareness I had of it after that for the next 30 seconds or so was simply the awareness of it's existence.

Then it happened.

With the next big gust that slid cleanly through the small crack in my bedroom window, came the oxygen deprived, hard, squint inducing smell...of a skunk. If I could have SEEN it, I would have wondered if I'd get out alive as the thick grossness ate away the air I had to breathe.

But THEN...

Just after the first blow (no pun intended omg that came outta nowhere good one amanda) (thanks), came the truth.


It's not a WHISTLE! It's the skunk!

Holy shit. It's SCREAMING. Oh my god it's dying. In a hurricane.

Now ALL the personalities come out:

- awww, the poor skunk, he's probably scared
- ew, gross
- aww, I hope he dies soon
- it smells
- (imagines a hurricane rescue of the screaming, dying skunk. I'm dressed like Diego)
- skunks. Scream.

Omg I'm jodi Foster.

Silence of the Skunks.

I couldn't save him.

He must have known that. So he sprayed me and he screamed and now I will be haunted forever. And the smell is so strong that he could potentially be in my bed.

But... No power.

Cant see.


Skunks screaming.

Silence of the Skunks.