Monday, March 28, 2011

what's THAT? that is a pronoun.

it aaaaaaaall boiled down to who was the guy watching us? and why did he choose me to

go crazy today?

date. 12:57 march 28

my sister would love glee she loves harmony too lori loves

erased to say what would they think? people judge? is it because of the continents and the game pieces well they do fight and - little and big?


fuck i interrupted.

who deCIDED that fuck was a bad word?

where did it come from



does it have to look like the person?


2011 what's that mean?

down to the down to the down to the down to the down to tha
that's a blog

what's an internet

send it thru space?

minds get smarter?

wood makes fire.

burn it and make room for more which is trees which is soul which is

soil but if i HAD meant soul

whats a soul. we cant see it so its an idea



people? howd the get there?

down and down and down what's down...


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